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The Beginning of the Turkish War of National Liberation

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The Ottoman Empire

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The Turkish people needed to turn these resistance efforts into a movement of full independence, which could only be achieved under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal.

When Mustafa Kemal landed in Samsun on May 19th, as the Inspector of the Army, the four year National War of Independence began.

Finally, I will analyse the development of political division and social disorder, alongside other events leading up to the Turkish war of independence. This essay will discuss in detail the following: Firstly, how the Turkish war of independence brought major developments into the creation of a constitution.

The Turkish War of Independence (Turkish: Kurtuluş Savaşı "War of Liberation", also known figuratively as İstiklâl Harbi "Independence War" or Millî Mücadele "National Campaign"; 19 May – 24 July ) was fought between the Turkish National Movement and the proxies of the Allies – namely Greece on the Western front, Armenia on the Eastern, France on the Southern and with them Location: Anatolia, North Mesopotamia and Thrace.

The establishment of the Republic of Turkey in came with the conclusion of the – Turkish War of Independence, which saw the Turkish nationalist movement emerging to resist the. In this essay I will discuss what caused the Turkish war of independence and the history leading up to the Turkish revolution.

I will discuss the failures of the Ottoman Empire and how it played an interesting role of brief reform during the Tanizmat period. I will also discuss, the lead up to a constitutional. This occupation prompted the Turkish War of Independence. This led to the creation of the Turkish National Movement under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha, a military commander.

The goal of the Turkish National Movement was to reject the terms of the Treaty of Sevres, which was a treaty between the Ottoman Empire and the Allies.

Turkish war of independence essay
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