Protests in ukraine essay

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Solidarity (Polish trade union)

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30 apocalyptic images from the protests in Kiev, Ukraine

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Tunisian authorities are confiscating and searching the phones of men they suspect of being gay and pressuring them to take anal tests and to confess to homosexual activity. As conditions in Venezuela worsen, the solutions that must now be considered include what was once inconceivable.

A negotiated political transition remains the preferred option, but military intervention by a coalition of regional forces may be the only way to end a man-made famine threatening millions of lives. On November 21, Ukraine’s President Viktor F. Yanukovych’s cabinet rejected a partnership deal with the EU (European Union) to form a partnership agreement deal with Russia instead.

This sparked large deadly protests in Ukraine’s capital of Kiev which lasted for months. The protesters. Photo Essay 30 apocalyptic images from the protests in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ilya Varlamov. Jan 24, Editor’s note: Ilya Varlamov is a photographer covering the protests and riots occurring in the Ukraine via his livejournal. His ground-level photojournalism captures the emotions of citizens reacting to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s.

Protests in ukraine essay
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