Political speech

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12 Greatest Political Speeches in American History

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Sample Political Speech

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Freedom of speech

Sarah Palin. speech examples. Speech Critiques – McCain, Palin, Republican Convention Last week, we examined speech critiques of Barack Obama and others at the Democratic Convention This week, it was the Republicans’ turn at the microphone with the whole world watching.

Analysing Political Speeches Students are quite frequently asked to analyse a (political) speech, eg by an American resident, or British prime p minister important politicians like the secretary general of the UN.

Sample Political Speech. If you’re sitting here at town hall tonight, it means you want answers. You’re here on your own time because you care about this town—and you want to. Political speech includes discussions of candidates, the form of government, how government should be run, and any other discussion of the political process.

People contribute to political parties, after all, to advance the ideas for which the parties stand and to encourage and support the political speech that parties promote.

COLLECTIONS OF POLITICAL SPEECHES: American Memory collection of over historical speeches, Library of Congress, search for speeches; American Presidency Speech Archives ; American Rhetoric (Data base of more than speeches); The History Place - Great Speeches Collection - Text, some Audio.

Political speech
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