How do you write a division remainder as a fraction

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C Program to Compute Quotient and Remainder

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Division and Remainders

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So if we were to put it highly a division box we would grade it like this:. If you did include a remainder in a problem, you would either need to stop BEFORE you go past the decimal point, in which case the person looking at the answer would know that the remainder was the numerator of a fraction with the divisor as the denominator.

How to Write the Remainder As a Fraction

To do these, you turned those denominators into powers of 10 to convert them to decimals. Then, I told you that you needed another method to convert something like So, here is that method!

When the numerator and denominator of a fraction are each increased by 5, the value of the fraction becomes 3/5 When the numerator and denominator of that same fraction are each decreased by 5, the fraction is then 1/5 Find the original fraction. If you are looking at a completed division problem in traditional form, the quotient will appear on top of the division bracket.

Different ways to represent division and recording remainders

For example, if you have 50 divide by 5, you could write this as 50/5 = However, you do still write the fraction as part of the quotient (answer to your division problem).

Also, you would check this division problem the same way as a normal division problem; multiply the quotient (23) by the divisor (6) and then add the remainder (1).

With a little more information I could help you a little bit better, but when writing a remainder as a fraction you would do long division and take the remainder, in this case one, and place it over the divisor, in this case 5, and include that into your quotient.

How do you write a division remainder as a fraction
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How do you write a quotient with a remainder as a fraction