Essay in konx light om pax

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1990 Facsimile Pub. by Teitan Konx Om Pax: Essays in Light By Aleister Crowley

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Because I promoted that I was the Messiah—pass the different, please!. Konx Om Pax, Essays in Light by Aleister Crowley. Re-set conformed to original printing as regards layout, pagination &c.

Many typographical errors corrected from previous Celephaïs Press releases. The last essay in Konx Om Pax, "The Stone of the Philosophers which is hidden in Abiegnus, the Rosicrucian Mountain of Initiation", is really beyond praise.

Its genesis is interesting. I had written at odd times, but mostly during my travels with the Earl of Tankerville, a number of odd lyrics. Sacred texts Thelema Thelema.

Konx Om Pax. Essays in Light. NP [ San Francisco? ]: NP [ Level Press?], ND [ or ]. Facsimile edition. Softcover.

The Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies

Small octavo. pp + 12pp of adverts. Fluorescent green wrappers with red lettering. "Konx Om Pax" is a collection of poetry, plays and essays and was clearly one of Crowley's own favorite works.

He wrote glowingly of it in his 'Confessions', in particular describing the final essay 'The Stone of the Philosophers' as being "really beyond praise.". CBE. CB essay in konx light om pax. Essay in konx light om pax.

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Essay in konx light om pax
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